Beer & Taxes

The rise of craft breweries in the United States has brought into question the current taxation of breweries.  Presently, there are two proposed amendments to IRS Tax Code to adjust the excise tax on beer:  the Small BREW Act and the Fair BEER Act.   Barrels Existing Law Small BREW Act Fair BEER Act 0-7,143
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Business Valuation – A Blueprint for Growth

Tis the season for reviewing last year’s financial results and budgeting for this year.  What is a main goal for closely-held business owners in analyzing historical results and predicting future outcomes: assessing progress and growth. What can you focus on to increase the value of your business?  A business valuation can be a blueprint for
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Forensic Accountant’s Role in a Divorce

Forensic accountants can be very helpful and are oftentimes an important component of a divorce litigation team.  We uncover unreported income and assets, value closely-held businesses, prove claims of separate property, and provide guidance on tax consequences for the divorcing parties. Does your tax return report investment income from an account at a financial institution
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Introduction to Business Valuation: What is Business Valuation?

If you own a business, it is frequently among your most valuable assets. However, do you really know what that business is worth? Over the next few posts, we’re going to review the basics of business valuation, including the various methods of establishing value and how to choose the method that best applies.

Questions to consider when reviewing your buy-sell agreement

Buy-sell agreements are often one of the most critical documents for owners of a closely-held business. Buy-sell agreements are meant to accomplish the following: Define the value of the owners’ equity interests; Spell out the nature of the transaction, including price and terms, when an owner leaves or dies; and Identify or assure financing is
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