Forensic Accountants Role in Spousal Divorce

In my most recent blog, posted March 30, 2015, I wrote generally about how forensic analysis is a powerful tool for providing insight into complex personal or business financial situations.  By clarifying and summarizing historical financial events, a forensic accountant’s work affords a person knowledge leading to strength of position and peace of mind.

One specific area where forensic accountants are frequently hired is spousal divorce.  The forensic accountant may be hired by an attorney, by one of the spouses, or they may even be appointed by the Domestic Court or hired jointly by both attorneys to untangle, analyze, simplify, educate, and present complex financial events.

Analyzing income or cash flow, tracing separate property, uncovering and quantifying previously undisclosed assets, summarizing money spent on extramarital affair(s), or analyzing tax consequences of property division are just some examples of why a forensic accountant may be hired in a domestic divorce.

Please contact me Beth Petrie, at or (614) 545-9100, if you have complex financial issues that need be understood and presented simply and cleanly.  At Clarus, we bring clarity to complex financial issues so you can make solid, well-informed financial decisions.

I am not an attorney and do not purport to be giving legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice, please consult your attorney.

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