Why Do I Need a Forensic Accountant?

Disentangling finances is frequently difficult, whether it is between:

  • spouses (in divorce) or
  • business partners (in disputes)

Forensic accountants are in the business of identifying the problem, digging through the details, and clarifying the issues, thereby reducing the stress for all parties.  If need be, a forensic accountant can succinctly present evidence in court to educate the trier of fact.

We see people struggling to reach agreements because the facts and circumstances are not clearly defined or understood.  If, however, the facts are clarified before the negotiations begin, both parties understand what they are agreeing to and can have peace of mind knowing they left nothing on the table.

In future blogs, I will explore the untangling of particular financial arrangements, across two main dimensions: 1) between spouses in divorce and 2) among business partners in transactions.

Please contact Beth Petrie at bpetrie@claruspartners.com or (614) 545-9100, if you have complex financial issues that need to be untangled simply and cleanly.  At Clarus, we bring clarity to complex financial issues so you can make solid, well-informed financial decisions.

I am not an attorney and do not purport to be giving legal advice.  If you are seeking legal advice, please consult your attorney.

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