Tips to make your life easier when preparing your individual tax return

As we begin the tax season, here are some reminders to help you make this year go smoother:

  1. Keep a box for documents where you open your mail. – You can drop in tax forms as you receive them.
  2. Go online to get electronic tax forms. – We live in an electronic world, some of your documents may no longer be mailed.
  3. Go through your checkbook and list all tax payments. – The majority of tax notices are due to incorrect tax payment amounts.
  4. Make lists of charitable contributions or other deductions you’ve made during the year.
  5. Please tell us if you had any life changes in the current tax year. – New homes, new jobs, new investments or new babies.
  6. Send us any tax notices you received during the year.
  7. Stay in touch. – Respond promptly to information requests, and expect the same from us.

Please contact Nancy Supowit, CPA at or call 614-545-9100 to discuss our tax planning services.

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