During these times, saving every dollar is a good idea. And an excellent exercise in economy is to save the sales tax on items you were going to...

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Colorado Sales Tax Legislative Update

The State of Colorado has been busy this legislative session with respect to its tax structure. Of particular note, and the subject of this article, are two of...

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Income Tax vs Consumption Tax

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2021 the states collected taxes totaling $1.338 trillion.1 Most of this revenue was derived from two sources: income taxes (individual and...

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Non-Traditional Manufacturer Eligible For Texas Sales Tax Manufacturing Exemption

Overview Typically, a manufacturer is a business that purchases raw materials, processes those materials causing a physical or chemical change to them, ultimately selling the finished goods to...

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RSVP to Avoid Unclaimed Property Audit & Financial Risk

New Round of Delaware VDA Notices Sent   On February 18, 2022, Delaware’s Secretary of State (“Delaware” or “State”) sent a new round of letters to companies inviting...

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Tennessee Says Separately Stated Services Taxable as Essential Element of Sale

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has issued a letter ruling (Letter Ruling 21-10) explaining the tax treatment of services provided along with the sale of remotely accessed software....

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A Win for Drop Shipments (and Retailers) in Tennessee

Tennessee has revised their rules regarding the certificates required to document exemptions in a drop shipment scenario. In a typical drop shipment scenario, a customer makes a purchase...

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Challenge to Louisiana Remote Seller Tax Collection Requirements

When the United States Supreme Court decided South Dakota v. Wayfair (“Wayfair”) in June 2018 the majority of the justices overturned precedent that restricted a state’s ability to...

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What is a Direct Pay Permit and Can it Help Me?

Direct pay permits are a great tool to have in any eligible company’s tool belt. Direct pay permits allow the holder to self-assess, accrue, and remit use tax...

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A Judicial Sales Tax Victory In Texas! (But Beware The Butterfly Effect)

Overview.   Texas law affords a sales tax exemption for equipment used in manufacturing. However, Comptroller has historically limited this exemption only to equipment used subsequent to the...

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