Consider Sales Tax Amnesty

In the post-Wayfair world, and with the pandemic creating financial hardships, many individuals and organizations will find themselves out of sales tax compliance. Though it may seem like...

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Kansas’ Guidance for Remote Sellers and Marketplace Facilitators

Earlier this year, Kansas shed its distinction of being one of the last states to not impose economic nexus standards on remote sellers and marketplace facilitators. The new...

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Changes in the Taxation of Temporary Employment Services

Pennsylvania and Ohio are two states that have long taxed temporary employment services, also known as help supply or employment agency services. Both states have recently made significant...

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Sales and Use Tax Refund Claims and a New TN Rule

Anyone connected to the sales and use tax world, whether you’re in the industry or consulting/public accounting, is all too familiar with requesting refunds of overpaid sales/use tax...

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The end of NOMAD? Alaska introduces bill to implement a statewide sales tax

On August 30, 2021, the Alaska legislature introduced a house bill (HB 3006A) that proposes to implement a 2% statewide sales tax. Alaska is currently among 5 other...

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Digital Products Create Sales Tax Confusion

A proposed class action lawsuit against Peloton Interactive, Inc. ( “Peloton” ) was recently announced alleging Peloton intentionally and erroneously collected sales tax from customers in Massachusetts, New...

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South Carolina Business License Tax Standardization Act of 2020

In September 2020, the South Carolina General Assembly passed Act No. 176 (“Act”), which standardizes business license taxes across the state, effective January 1, 2022.   This Act...

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Texas Sales Tax Legislative Update: Medical and Dental Billing Services

Overview Many medical and dental service providers rely upon outside assistance to invoice clients for their services, prepare insurance claims, and establish eligibility. Concern has arisen recently in...

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I’m a remote seller – why should I worry about business license rules?

Many business owners and managers are aware that municipal business licenses are required to operate brick-and-mortar stores, and sometimes for other types of physical presence (such as licenses...

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Why do I care where my e-commerce business inventory is located?

I think we can all acknowledge that the growth in e-commerce spending has been staggering, especially in the past 12 to 18 months considering the coronavirus pandemic. According...

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