SmartCert- Exemption Certificate Management Software

Maintaining valid exemption certificates is critical to reducing your company’s risk of audit. SmartCert is our robust cloud solution for managing sales tax exemption certificates.



SmartCert allows you to collect certificates from your customers and proactively notify them when sales tax exemption and resale certificates expire.


SmartCert will ensure you always have the correct form. We track the constantly changing regulations of every state and jurisdiction. We enable to you easily identify certificates that are invalid and help you keep compliant.


SmartCert provides you all the reporting you need to efficiently manage your exempt sales. You can quickly check the database against your exempt sales file to determine if exemption certificates are missing or invalid.

Mitigating Risk

All exemption certificates are stored in our cloud-based solution making the certificate available in just seconds for audit or review. You will always be audit ready with certificate reports right at your fingertips!

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