The Clarus Credits and Incentives team partners with clients to consider where a company’s goals and plans for growth can be supported through government tax credit and other incentive programs.

Investments made to grow businesses and create jobs are frequently eligible for financial support through various benefits provided by federal, state, and local governments.  Our team has years of experience exploring with business owners current activities that may qualify for benefits and future objectives that may be more easily within reach depending on resources available.  We are focused on helping businesses to understand not only the available programs but also the actual, real-dollar benefit of these programs to their specific organization.

Site selection and negotiated incentives

Government incentives can provide important traction and a competitive edge for businesses large and small. Unfortunately, government programs and processes are baffling for most companies. But there is an answer, and it starts here.

Clarus serves businesses and economic developers alike by clarifying strategies and approaches, mustering resources and advocating passionately for development deals that produce real and financial assets, jobs, knowledge, innovation and public-private partnerships.

Our company provides a full spectrum of economic incentive services, from site selection, business incentive and tax credit analysis to deal negotiation, grant writing and compliance services. We can help secure grants, advantageous financing and tax incentives that comprehensively address new and expanded operations.

Statutory tax credits

Federal and state governments offer incentives focused around hiring and capital investment, but also related to encouraging certain business activities.  Investments around training, research and development activities, and Green Initiatives are a common focus of these programs.  Our team will help to identify available credits for your business and work with you through what can be complex application processes.  After incentives are awarded, we continue to provide support through compliance deadlines and required reporting to ensure that the company’s qualifying activities are properly reported and the amount of benefit granted is received.

Sales and Property tax incentives

Businesses can qualify for sales tax reductions based on the type of product or service that they provide or in some cases as a part of a negotiated tax incentives package.  Property tax abatements are frequently a component of negotiated packages as well.  The Clarus Incentives team includes individuals with extensive experience with these benefits.  Our team will work to see that purchases exempted from sales tax are invoiced correctly and property tax abatements are properly reflected in the company’s tax bills and records.

Our credit and incentive services include:


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